Christmas And Year Stickers Ay226 Kindergarten Classroom Wall Sticker Cartoon Santa #86316

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Product Description

Christmas and New Year stickers AY226 kindergarten classroom wall sticker cartoon Santa Claus tree windows and wallpaper

This product bright colors, made ​​of PVC transparent film , environmentally friendly and water , rich in creative design , in the room where a paste , and immediately let the dull space exudes dynamism and vitality of the breath , gives a comfortable and cozy enjoy ! Customers can also design according to their preferences . Led by your own furniture designs.

Size: Please refer to the detailed size renderings. Pro- received products for compact layout, you can adjust according to your own creative collage spacing , to fully enjoy the fun of DIY .
Material : Environmental PVC
The third generation of removable wall stickers feature :
A. can always tear , the plaster will not stick out (usually stucco walls, glass , can be affixed to any smooth surface ; The wall bottom embryos not yet dry, can not grasp the table paint, poor quality paint, peel walls except )
B. no white edges , can be affixed to the wall of any color . ( Do not worry posted in the wrong position , because you can peel off stickers every day, can change location , change style )
C. without transfer film, tear can be directly attached . ( In previous Paste the wall first with a rag and wiped clean )
Reference :
A. Make sure the surface is attached to a smooth surface , the site has a punch and fold Do not stick .
B. selected location pasted , clean up dust and grease are veneer , to ensure clean and dry surface.
C. According to paste the order to do simple plan , of course, can also be carried out in accordance with their own creative DIY.
D. The sticker gently peel off the backing paper and paste it directly , no need to transfer film , first posted in the middle and then to the left when you paste paved pressed .











1 , if you are attached to the surface of the glass or ceramic tile , because its material is smooth, posted before the best with a clean cloth to dry veneer , it is easier to paste , and smooth is better ;
2, some of the larger pattern of stickers may have flattened a little bubbles appear , then you can use the scratch card scratch the removal of air bubbles or small bubbles punctured with a needle will be smooth and will not affect the overall paste effect ;
If the paste wall damp, aging or just brush new paint, may cause wall stickers off automatically , or can cause peeling walls after pasting , you can use a hair dryer or hot air to dry the wall paint to be volatile for some time before paste, but the effect may differ , so please our customers carefully choose affixed position ;
4 , if accidentally posted the wrong position wall stickers , you can stick with a small blade wall corner gently torn off , re-paste can, under normal circumstances, this product can be reused , if not torn ;
5, DIY series layout size is tight , you can play unlimited creativity , free combination arrangement modeling and position , can be cut with scissors pattern , respectively , when the scissors are careful not to cut into the pattern can be designed well after approximately typesetting , and then built the unique creative space

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